First Major Patch for Spellsworn


Spellsworn, a PVP arena brawler game on steam has received it’s first major patch!  Swedish developer Frogsong Studios announced yesterday the patch bring in new content, bug fixes, and a new in-game shop.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, our in-game shop hasn’t been accessible since we launched Spellsworn in March, so in celebration of the new in-game shop we’ve also thrown in new spells, skins and lots of new items,” said Stefan Jonsson, CEO of Frogsong Studios. “With over a thousand concurrent players still jumping into the Spellsworn arena every day, we are confident that this major update will bring them a fuller experience and attract new players to battle with as well.”

Besides the standard bug fixes and new content, the update brings in two additional spells, skins and a lot more new items, purchasable through the new in-game shop.  You can also now obtain the collectors’ edition and get two Legendary Skins and two Legendary Staves for your game!


Spellsworn is a tactics oriented arena PVP brawler.  Requiring you to use well thought out spell combinations across multiple disciplines.  Players will duke it out in teams or free-for-all combat over five-round matches with a max of eight players. Each round, your aresenal of magic can be customized by trading or upgrading the spells, allowing you to get an upper hand over your enemy team!

Spellsworn was released March 13th of this year and is free to play!  Head over to their steam page here for more details or to download the game and try it out yourself!

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