Beyond Skyrim: First Trailer Drops for Skyrim Morrowind Mod


Skyrim is like that friend that you can always just pick up where you left off with despite time, distance or whatever else life throws your way. So it’s no surprise that when Beyond Skyrim, the team working on the massive modding project of seeing the entire world of Elders Scroll as it would appear in the time of Skyrim, dropped their first official trailer for the Morrowind Mod, people got excited.

The mod hopes to create a version of Morrowind that makes sense in the time that Skyrim takes place. Based on the trailer it seems that the team is off to a great start on the project. The trailer (seen below is an impressive feat and highlights some areas that Morrowind fans will find familiar. Being a massive undertaking there is no official release date set but the team is recruiting volunteers to help move things forward. Be sure to check out some of our articles on all things Skyrim

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  1. Ooooh verry nice! I’m guessing this will only happen for PC? Didn’t think consoles had mods?

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