Fisherman: Fishing Planet offers you a relaxing outdoor world

Fisherman: Fishing Planet

If you’re looking for calm, quiet adventures in the great outdoors, look no further than Fisherman: Fishing Planet. The game has officially launched with over 5 million budding fishermen and women taking part.

The game is unique in that it offers nearly five years of content “in one convenient package” with some brand new things added just for this version. That includes a new location, a pair of new motorboats, a new fishing technique, and four new species of fish to track down and hook.

To celebrate the launch of the definitive all-in-one edition, BigBen has released a brand new trailer that sets the stage for angling fun.

Fisherman: Fishing Planet is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Learn more on the game’s official site.

About Fisherman: Fishing Planet

  • Learn to fish properly by following the training missions or jump straight into the game by trying to lure the biggest fish. The Fisherman adapts to your level.
  • Hook 143 different species of fish, each displaying unique and true-to-life behavior.
  • Master four different fishing techniques: float fishing, spinning, bottom fishing and trolling.
  • From the water spray and ripples to the fauna and flora, everything has been included to transport you to the water’s edge and ensure each fishing trip is unique.
  • Dynamic weather, a day/night cycle and four seasons guarantee a different experience each play session.
  • Be awed by the stunning graphics that use photogrammetry for incredibly detailed realism.
  • Explore 19 lake and river environments from the Florida Everglades to the banks of the Volga in Russia to the Gand-Terneuzen canal in the Netherlands.
  • Set up your rod by choosing the right rig from over 1,000 different products, each with unique physical properties.
  • Boats, kayaks, sonar, bait, apparel… Find all the gear and latest technologies.
  • Pit yourself against other anglers around the world in single-player and co-op competitions to win prizes and ultimate bragging rights.
  • Join a lively community of fellow anglers and create teams.
  • Enjoy seasonal events and free updates.
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