Fisticuffs and Dragons As Fantasy Strike Hits Consoles

Fantasy Strike is about to launch on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch come this July 25. PC, Mac and, Linux players who have been testing their skills in early access will also get a full launch for this beat em up on the same date.

Under the helm of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix lead designer David Sirlin, Fantasy Strike entered Steam Early Access back in 2017 and has been steadily building towards next month’s big reveal. The console release of this accessible fighter brings Sirlin Games beat em up to a huge audience and it certainly looks intriguing. Also, did we mention the Dragon?

Easy Access Combat

Fantasy Strike features a diverse roster of fighters. Apart from Midori, who can transform into a mighty dragon, another nine characters make up the available combatants. From martial artists to rock-solid warriors, four distinct archetypes appear in Fantasy Stirke’s roster. Zoners, rushdown, grapplers, and wildcard classes feature. Each class brings its own strengths, style of combat, and spectacular looking special moves.

Not only does this diversity make for interesting tactical play but it opens up the game to a range of options for new and old players. Accessibility seems to be a key component of the game’s ethos and is especially evident in the control systems. New players will appreciate the simplicity of single button press moves making it easier to feel awesome.

Fantasy Strike

Veteran fighters shouldn’t worry. You’ll already probably know that David Siriln knows what he is doing as an ex SF dev and an experienced player in his own right. By stripping out the unnecessary entry barriers, Siriln has focused on tactical choices and fluid combat responses to outwit your friends. The game already features online play, arcade mode, practice, a local versus, and more.

With all that said you should probably pick up a keyboard, controller, or guitar hero instrument and get ready for a very different battle of the bands. Fantasy Strike has its full launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation and Switch on 25 July. You can find out more about the game right now over on the Steam early access page and the official website.

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