Fitness Boxing punches its way to Switch January 4th

Pump up the jams and get ready for some serious cardio workouts. Nintendo has announced a new title, “Fitness Boxing” which is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. This new Boxing title is set to release January 4th and will come packed with boxing focused workout sessions set to the tune of some instrumental versions of popular music.

According to the press release, by holding the Joy-Con controllers in each hand you’ll be guided through a whole series of full body workouts. The switch will use the Joy-Cons built-in motion controls to track movement.  The game will offer daily training sessions with both a low-intensity setting (for people like me that get tired running up the stairs) and a high-intensity setting (for people that actually work out). Players will be able to select from a wide range of trainers and as you progress through the game you’ll be able to customize their look with unlockable trainer outfits as well as new songs to add to your workout.

Fitness Boxing also tracks your calories burned during a workout as well as estimating your Body Mass Index allowing you to keep tabs on how your workouts are progressing. The game will also include a two-player option so that you and a friend can team up or face off in a virtual boxing ring. As mentioned the game will release on Nintendo Switch on January 4th and will be playable in both TV and portable mode.  

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