Five Games that Should Have Been More Popular in 2018

Five Games that Should Have Been More Popular in 2018

There’s no denying that 2018 has been a great year for gaming. The PS4 Pro was introduced, with its 4k streaming capabilities, while E3 teased upcoming VR titles that look truly amazing. Oh, and the hotly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 did not disappoint. There were however, some fantastic games dropped in 2018 that simply didn’t get the love and attention they deserved. From successful mobile games to poorly marketed PC games, here are some underrated titles we think are worth your time.

Unravel Two

Fans of puzzles, platform games and adorable characters will be well-advised not to miss this game, which sadly fell under the radar in 2018. Play by yourself or with a friend as you ‘weave’ new stories with two sweet yarn figures. You’ll be using their yarn to swing through forest landscapes in all kinds of weather, solving puzzles and discovering new worlds every bit of the way. The teamwork aspect of Unravel Two is one of its most enjoyable features, but the truly gorgeous nature settings are what stand out most about the game.

In short, there’s a lot to like about Unravel Two, and considering this game is equally appropriate for children as it is for adults, it’s surprising it hasn’t yet seen the love of which it is so worthy. The reason for its lack of attention seems to derive from that fact that the game was suddenly released, without much warning, during E3 last summer. In other words, all eyes were on exciting gaming news and upcoming releases. Unravel Two subsequently got swept under the rug. However, just like its predecessor, the game has been praised by critics and scores highly amongst players.

Unravel 2

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Considering this action-packed title incorporates so many universally loved features amongst gamers, it’s genuinely quite bizarre that Kingdom Come: Deliverance became a commercial failure. As a single-player RPG with great battle gameplay and a refreshing storyline based on realism, there’s no reason Kingdom Come: Deliverance shouldn’t have become one of the top games of 2018. It didn’t, and whether that was due to marketing failure, or too much hype surrounding other games at the time of its release, is difficult to say. What matters is that the game is available right now, for anyone gamers confused as to how they missed this historically accurate and hugely immersive video game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold

Fans of mobile games will in all likelihood by familiar with the hugely popular Rainbow Riches series. The original mobile slot game, set in a mythical Irish landscape full of leprechauns, has become one of the most beloved online slots in the UK. Several variations, which play on the same theme but incorporate different gameplay elements, have since been released – including, this year, the ‘Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold’ edition.

The latest installment is designed to give players extra value for money by including bonus features, a ‘big bet’ option and additional Wild symbols. Developers Scientific Games put a lot of time into creating yet another worthy Rainbow Riches successor and, with its slot game legacy, one would have thought that Drops of Gold would be a sure-fire hit. It was even nominated for the EGR ‘Game of the Year’ Award. Unfortunately, the game has not received as much interest as some of the earlier, more ‘classic’ Rainbow Riches games.

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

This unusual and haunting indie game was never going to be a big hit – but the complete lack of interest is nonetheless is disappointing. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is an intimate, surreal, and story-driven game which combines truly unique graphics with a rustic soundtrack to create a highly atmospheric gaming experience. Though the premise is simple – you have to make your way through the US – the narrative is rich with characters and emotion. If you want to give Where the Water Tastes Like Wine a go, do keep in mind that the game really is quite unconventional, and this is why it failed to attract a sufficient interest. Keep an open mind, and you will appreciate the game for its strange appeal. Hopefully, before too long, general interest in this game will be revived and it can receive the cult status it has the potential of earning from story-loving gamers.

Where the Water Tastes like Wine

Game Dev Story

Things are about to get meta as we discuss the much underrated Game Dev Story. This simulation game has been playable on platform and mobile for quite some time, but in 2018 Game Dev Story became available for Nintendo Switch for the first time. This feat could have been cause for big hype, but went mostly unnoticed. In any case, the Nintendo Switch-compatible version of Game Dev Story has received high praise from game critics and is as solid a sim game as its predecessors.

Intentionally designed with a retro feeling, this game gives players the objective of creating successful video games. Players can control direction and speed of development, as well as employment factors and budget allocation. With the money that comes from a successful title, players will have more recognition and resources with which to launch the next game. If you enjoy sim games or you’re simply interested in game development, Game Dev Story deserves your time.

Five cool game releases, five underwhelming player responses. Life isn’t fair sometimes, and the game industry often fails to bring deserving games into the spotlight. Well, if you try and enjoy any of the above, do your part and spread the word!

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