Flappy Royale Flies Into View

flappy royale

Flappy Royale is the Flappy Bird you didn’t know you needed. Out now, the little yellow avians are about to get cutthroat in an unofficial spin-off.

Winner Winner …..

Originally a hit indie game for Vietnamese programmer Done Nguyen, Flappy bird’s first flight was a simple yet addictive side-scrolling that challenged players to keep a little yellow bird aloft. Simple mechanics, an undemanding set of requirements, and an endless side scroll kept mobile players swiping for an age. The game was a massive success, earning as much as $50,000 a day for the indie developer.

Instead of searching for an abandoned shotgun and strapping on a frying pan, this unofficial extra takes an approach a little closer to games like Tetris 99. Designed by programmers Orta Therox and Em Lazer Walker, the royale aspect of this flappy bird is less about blowing your competitors out of the sky and more about beating their time. In the original game,, players tried to beat their own distance traveled without crashing out of the sky or into incoming obstacles. Now, Flappy Royale pits player against player in an effort to see who can stay aloft the longest. The winner is, naturally, the payer who can fly furthest.

Flappy Royale is a decidedly simple idea and I’m not even sure it really counts as a battle royale. However, if we can get Mario Royale then I’m sure we can have a Flappy Royale. Hopefully, this iteration of the multiplayer battle mode will fare better than the plumber vs plumber title the Nintendo took against recently. If you want to flap off, you can check out the, ios test page, Android test page, or official website now

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