Nonstop Chuck Norris – Nonstop Knight spinoff announced… yes, you read that right

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nonstop chuck norris

Nonstop Knight is one of the best idle RPGs out there, because it actually can be engaging and has loads of progression to work towards, boss hunts, etc. Well, Flaregames obviously knows it’s a successful design and so too does Chuck Norris apparently. Because the developer and roundhouse delivering action star just announced a spin-off: Nonstop Chuck Norris.

It seems to be pretty much the same as Nonstop Knight, so I’ll be interested to see what’s unique about this one or how they’ll crossover to work together.

Check out the reveal trailer:

Nonstop Chuck Norris announcement trailer

And if you’re into more Nonstop Chuck Norris, Flaregames has all the social media networks up and running:


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