Flashback is Going Mobile This July


Flashback, the iconic sci-fi adventure is about to come back to the future with a mobile release on 22 July 2019.

Coming to iOS and Android devices, Flashback is an award-winning adventure game from the early nineties that dazzled and amazed those of us old enough to remember the first time the Temple of Doom tried to run down Indie. Created by Paul Cuisset, this title follows protagonist Conrad B. Hart as he wakes on Titan without any memory. However, Saturn’s moon looks a lot different in 2142. The colonized and terraformed moon plays host to a race for survival as Conrad’s enemies pursue him across a world fraught with danger.

Back From The Future

Back in 1992, the incredible rotoscoped graphics, inventive gameplay, and an insidious alien plot that lurked behind the shadows made Flashback essential playing. The game quickly because the best selling French game ever upon its launch and hit over a dozen different systems. A Nintendo Switch update even appeared last year. Now the adventure of Conrad B. Hart can fit on something more mobile than an Amiga A500. It also includes a range of modern updates, including:

• Post-FX Graphic Filters: Enjoy the beautiful and original artwork of Flashback.
• Remastered sound and Music: The same classical music, but remastered – enjoy the original soundtrack with updated and revamped audio.
• Rewind Function: Players can rewind the previous gameplay with some variability depending on the level difficulty
• Tutorial: Rather than throw you in against an alien conspiracy, new players can get to grips with a tutorial section
• Play How You Want: Players can use the old and original control mechanics or utilize the new touch screen version.

Coming from a time before microtransactions, we’re glad to say that Flashback is due out on the App Store and Google Play Store for $4.99. If you are ready to go to MarsTitan, check out www.sfl-games.com/en/ for more details.

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