Fleet Carriers soar in Elite: Dangerous Gamescom trailer

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Earlier this week, Frontier Developments took to the airwaves to show off a brand new Elite: Dangerous trailer. The stars of the video are the ginormous Fleet Carriers that will be lumbering into the game in December 2019.

Nothing says behemoth quite like a massive space vehicle that sports up to eight landing pads that come in a variety of sizes. Each can be customized for landing permissions. This grants owners the ability to decide who can and can’t land on the ship.

Like all ships in E:D, these bad boys will require maintenance and periodic stops along the way. There will always be weapons to rearm and things to repair. In addition, Fleet Carriers require a unique resource for fuel so the hunt for this precious commodity will be fierce.

If waiting until December is too long, there’s good news afoot. In September, there will be a decent-sized update coming along that includes improves the new player experience, a voiced in-ship tutorial system, tweaks to combat, flight and more. Lastly, the premium currency “Frontier Points” has been renamed “Arx”. It’s used to purchase custom paint, ship kits, decorative items, and more.

The September update is expected to launch on the 17th.

Learn more on the Elite: Dangerous official site.

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