Flyff Universe Reveals A Summer Of Fun

flyff universe players inwinter setting

Flyff is back and the new incarnation of this browser based MMORPG has published a summer roadmap brimming with content.

Flyff Universe, the newly launched reincarnation of an MMORPG classic is proving itself more than just a port job, with the release of a new summer roadmap. While the sun is out we’re going to be cowering off in the shade somewhere and exploring the chilly explore the Azria continent.

This snowy biome is full of s new quest lines to play through. It expands the maximum end game level to give players just a little more power when taking on the most difficult encounters. The extra stats point will likely be handy when Azria, the Volkane Dungeon opens up with new quests and high level gear for those who can defeat the Red Meteonyker, the strongest boss in the game. This summer also adds a bunch of new pets to raise, extra candy, and a bunch of new fashion items to keep players looking cool when the weather gets uncomfortably hot.

If you do want to go outside and get away from it all, then you’ll still be able to grab a mobile browse and join over 800,000 players who have picked up Flyff Universe since it launched, barely a week ago. The free to play relaunch of the 2005 original doesn’t need a fancy graphics card or a stellar gaming rig. Instead, it just needs a browser to run. Despite the low barrier to entry, the team behind this relaunch has overhauled the graphics to add anti-aliasing, improved textures, and a cool 2D cell shading that leans heavily into the anime inspiration for this MMO. With years of content at its back, this is the sort of old and new hybrid that warrants a look, wherever you are. Check out more on Flyff Universe on the official website, no download required.

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