Football Drama Launches Backroom Bust Ups Now

Football Drama is the sports simulator you didn’t realize you needed. Open Lab Games has just flung open the dressing room door as they launch their narrative sport strategy on PC and mobile now.

Want something different from your fantasy football? Football Drama has just kicked off a brand new type of adventure in the backrooms of the sporting world. Developed by Italian indie team Open Labs, this tale of Calchester Assembled FC, a fictional soccer team from, and their manager Rocco Galliano is no normal sports strategy. While in charge of this struggling team, you will still be expected to build a sporting powerhouse and the game will ask you to make some tough choices. Players will take to the field over the course of 18 chaotic weeks. Matchmaking decisions will be crucial to the team’s success and playing the right cards from your deck of cards could make or break each game. With a turn-based tactical combat at play, the sporting side of Football Drama has hints of Bloodbowl and Football tactics, but the distinct visual tone and narrative design are what make this title stand out.

Top Of The Table?

While the final score will determine your team’s progression, Football Drama really looks like it will excel in the after game analysis, with silly commentary, match reports, corruption, crime, drugs, and romance are all involved in a single season. Who said soccer was just about putting the ball in the back of the net. If you are sick of the torrent of faceless menus that make up most sports sims, then Football Drama might very well be the game for you. You’ll find the new season kicking off on Steam now for around £9.29 or local equivalent. Mobile managers can check it out o the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.

Yes, yes I know the rest of the world calls it football but we have to make some concessions for our American readers.

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