For Honor PC Starter Edition Now Available!

For Honor

For Honor has launched it’s all-new Starter Edition that allows players to get full access to the game for just $14.99!  It includes all features from the standard edition of the game: Story Campaign, all multiplayer game modes, progression, and all customization options.  The difference lies in the number of playable heroes available from the start and the unlocking system of the heroes.

Players will have access to 6 playable heroes when purchasing the Starter Edition. The Starter Edition fully unlocks the 3 vanguard Heroes of the game: Warden, Raider and Kensei. Fully unlocked characters are both playable and customizable (gear, outfits, emotes, executions, effects, etc). The other 3 playable (not customizable until unlocked) heroes depend on which Faction the player chooses to fight for when first launching the Starter Edition. Once a player has selected the faction of their choice, the Heroes from the launch of that faction become playable. Players must choose wisely as this decision can only be made once! These Heroes can then be fully unlocked for the price of 8,000 Steel to make them customizable. For the locked heroes remaining, players will be able to fully unlock all heroes from launch for 8,000 Steel each and all heroes released during post-launch seasons for 15,000 Steel each. Keep in mind that the Steel (in-game currency) can be acquired through gameplay!

For example, a player who bought the Starter Edition and selects the Knight Faction as the faction of their choice will have access to Warden (fully unlocked), Raider (fully unlocked), Kensei (fully unlocked), Conqueror (playable), Peacekeeper (playable), Lawbringer (playable). The conqueror, peacekeeper and lawbringer are then recruitable to allow customization for 8,000 Steel. All remaining Heroes from Launch are fully unlockable for 8,000 Steel too. All heroes from post-launch seasons are fully unlockable for 15,000 Steel.

For more info regarding the Starter Edition, please visit the dedicated FAQ, the For Honor forums, and Reddit page.

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