For Honor Road Map, Events & Rotating Items

A new blog post has been published on the For Honor Steam community page. It contains the information about the current events, items and the new For Honor Road Map for July & August 2018. Let’s take a look!

  • Grab the Kill Card emote through the in-game store. This new free roam emote is now available for all heroes!
  • This week, Dance of Death returns to For Honor for a limited time. In this “no revive” game mode, victory is achieved when both opponents are dead at the same time. The event is currently active and will last through July 9th.
  • Earn some steel while playing For Honor with the Brawling Vanquisher Event Order! Be the faction with the most Brawl match wins at the end of the challenge for a steel reward!

For Honor Road Map has been updated to include July & August 2018. You can find it below or head to the Steam page.

Additionally, the team has been on hand with the weekly Livestream yesterday. Among other things, the developers have discussed the removal of 146 cosmetic items (600+ if you count dupes across multiple heroes). In 2 weeks those items will be removed from the store, but currently, they’re on sale with a discount. They will return periodically afterwards in a regular rotation.

If you own the items that are going away, nothing will be removed from your inventory. Also, even after they go away, many can still be obtained in the different bundles available in the Store.

Check out the Reddit to see the full list of items that are currently on sale.

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