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For Honor Starter Edition

Remember For Honor? Remember getting disconnected constantly because the gameplay was hosted on people’s computers?  Yeah, nothing like being the victim of someone else’s rage quit.  That’s all changed by now, however, as Ubisoft actually listened and have made a plethora of significant changes to the year-old game. And just recently at E3, they announced the ‘Marching Fire‘ update, which will add a fourth faction with four new heroes from the Far East, a new PVP mode, PVE mode and “much more”, and is due to launch in October.  If you’re like me and thing the PVE mode sounds promising now is your time to get the ‘For Honor Starter Edition’ for free.  Yes, free.  Not just for a few weeks, but forever – as long as you snag it before June 18th.

The For Honor Starter Edition enables players to experience all the maps and modes For Honor has to offer, but takes a different approach to making heroes available. At the outset, it fully unlocks For Honor’s three vanguard heroes – Warden, Raider, and Kensei – and also makes three additional heroes playable (but not customizable), depending on which faction you choose. These heroes, as well as the heroes from other factions, can be fully unlocked and customized for 8,000 steel (For Honor’s in-game currency) each.

To pick up your copy or get more information head on over to the announcement page.  See you in the game!

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