Forget Keyboards. Now we have the Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Esports Motherboard

Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Edition

Now Your motherboard Can Make It in Esports With The New Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Edition, just announced today.

Gigabyte, the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, has just unveiled a new motherboard that might be quite enticing for fans of esports. The new limited edition Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 motherboard is the latest collaboration in Gigabytes collaboration with the G2 Esports organization. Designed with feedback from the G2 Esports team, this
special edition of the Gigabyte hardware is designed to deliver a distinctly striking design and best in class performance for players looking to dominate in competitive titles.

If you’re looking to get the best responses from your gaming rig then it’s not just the keybaord or monitor on your desktop that needs to be able to cut it with the best of them. Bottleneck the hardware under your desk and you’re just as likely to end up dead. The Z490 motherboard lineup allows Intel processors that fit the socket LGA1200 connection to run at the peak of their performance. Players will find a whole host of features onboard that should be well worth the outlay if you’re team Intel. This includes:

  • Direct 12-phase digital power delivery system and industry-leading thermal management to optimize overclocking performance on the 10-core K series Intel® Core™ processor.
  • Tantalum Polymer capacitors improve the transient response of the VRM between high and low loads, increasing the stability of the processor so that users can expect stable, smooth performance even in hardware-demanding games.
  • Protective and optimized memory trace enhancing performance with super-fast memory speeds.
  • Next-gen network, storage, and WI-FI connectivity

As well as blazing fast performance and a striking design, the Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 Edition also includes an additional best-in-class audio solution with ESSential USB DAC and DTS. Sure many of us have gone team red of late but if you’re pushing for single-threaded performance and want a board that looks and sounds spot-on for esports fans, check out all the information at the official Gigabyte website now.


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