Forget Micro Management Woes As New RTS Line Line War Launches

Forget Micro Management Woes As New RTS Line Line War Launches

Studio Centurion has launched Line War, an inventive new take on the traditional wartime RTS literally draws you into the action.

Available now on PC, via Steam, Line War has finally launched its assault on the RTS genre and this inventive new twist from Studio Centurion might very well change the way you expect to command from now on. At first glance, the fresh look at strategic warfare might look like any other top down Command & Conquer  or Dune clone, but this isn’t quite what you’ll get. Instead, Line War mixes 4X strategies, a firm foundation of RTS ideas, and an inventive new command interface.

While top tier Starcraft play was built on the idea of clicks per second, Line War takes a more hands on approach, asking commanding officers to draw their orders. Rather than micro manage build queues and make individual units to order, Line War provides players with a battle plan. As you head onto the action you can plan moves on screen and watch them execute without having to find the rogue bit of cannon fodder that has decided to take an aggressive stance and wander off to blow the entire operation.

With three different command types–point, line, and path–players can customize their strategy to fit their playstyle, while the game’s sophisticated AI executes those choices. Draw lines across the battlefield to move units, form defensive lines, engage enemies and conquer territories. The streamlined command structure also aligns perfectly with a simple set of two in game resources, meaning you can work on strategy and politicking rather than small scale issues.

With tons of buildings, troops, and vehicles to unlock and plenty of procedurally generated worlds to conquer, Line War seems like an interesting enough take to give a try. If you’re sick of mindless clickers then you can pick up Line War now on the official Steam Store page with a decent 25% launch discount.

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