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Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph is a turn-based strategy game that caught my eye due to its visually appealing design, bright color pallet, and simple design. Turn-based games each have their special blend of things to keep one entertained and provide lots of enjoyment. Right from the start, the whimsical design reminded me of a mix of Age of Empires mixed with an almost torchlight style. The game drew my attention and guided me through learning the controls and tactics by use of a nicely scripted tutorial.

At first glance, I was not sure if I would honestly like the game overall but within a very short time, I was already won over. One of my favorite things to discover was being able to do something as simple as adjusting the colors of my mage. Enjoying the little things is a huge part of life, this is, of course, a huge part of games. With all the time spent on the huge flashy things, often the little stuff is overlooked resulting in a not so polished game. To go along with the little things, another noteworthy thing to mention was the menu design. The overall design of the menus matches the game’s aesthetics and flow nicely as a fully realized concept.

Fort Triumph 1

Building up your town is always been something I enjoy, Though I would rather have a bit more freedom to choose where and how to build my town but to each his own as they say. Collecting resources is something you gain from finding them as you move across the board and also rewards. This is much like other games such as com. I felt it was much easier to gain this way instead of using grunts to go find and having to manage them. The cut scenes are nice and detailed though I have never been a fan of having to click through each sentience of them. I would rather see them flow from one part to the next. They do tell the story well to keep you interested.

I have not spent much time with the skill trees and traits as I am still getting to know the game better, but I feel already our “relationship” is going to blossom to something great.  I foresee many hours of gameplay and long nights heading my way. Now excuse me as I am going back to my town to finish so much needed upgrades and get back to my battle.

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