Fort Triumph Now in Full Retail Release

All in! Games has announced that tactical fantasy title, Fort Triumph, has officially reached its launch date and successfully exited early access. The full version of the game is now available on Steam for $24.99. The company has plans to take the game to GoG on April 29th and to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later in 2020.

The game has spent two years in early access after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Currently, the community has rated the game “very positive” on Steam across all of its localized versions (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese).

Here are some game features players can expect:

  • 10-20 hours of gameplay across three chapters
  • a fully interactive environment
  • 8-player skirmish mode
  • procedurally generated content
  • Paladin, Barbarian, Mage, and Ranger classes with 12 upgradeable abilities
  • Troll, Goblin, Human, and Undead races
  • cross-class skills for further customization

Check out the Fort Triumph Steam page to learn more.

About Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph is a challenging and fun fantasy-themed turn-based tactics game. It has been described as part XCOM, part Heroes of Might and Magic III, while adding unique tactical environmental interactions of its own. Explore the world, build towns, collect artifacts, improve your heroes, and influence your tactical surroundings using physics! Original in-game music was created by the award-winning composer Marco Valerio Antonini.


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