Fort Triumph Review

User Rating: 8

What do you get when you cross an XCom and Torchlight?  You get Fort Triumph! It houses the tactical turned-based playstyle of XCom with graphics that are vibrant and very active like those found in Torchlight. Fort Triumph features single-player and shared co-op, four factions, four classes, flexible world maps, and music by award-winning composer Marco Valerio Antonina. How does this title stack up? Read our Fort Triumph review to find out!

Fort Triumph is a turn-based tactical game that took me by surprise. Initially, when I decided to try my hand at this hidden gem, I thought the game was going to be a re-hash of every other game that I have tried following similar ideas. For the style and gameplay, I was very pleased with how polished the game felt. There was a true cohesive flow throughout the game that kept me playing more and more. There is defiantly some truth with the whole “watch your step” phrase. If you forget to plan out each of your steps in the correct order while utilizing the correct skills, you will find one’s self in a spot of trouble.

Graphically speaking the game is visually appealing with vibrant colors and good visual effects. The overviews do feel more like something developed for a mobile platform but once you get into the battles the detail quickly picks up and provides a wonderful environment to play in. The game does start you off with a decent walkthrough but if you are like me and decided you have played every game type out there and rush through it. You may find you missed some ideal steps. As we say in the tech world, RTM or Read the Manual. After going through the tutorial again and listening and not skipping I found I understood things a bit better and my gaming experience improved greatly.

Picking and advancing your team is crucial to winning the battles and progress through the game. When you lose a fighter, you will have to obtain them again and add them back to a team to fight with them again. I did find once I found my groove and understood the character skills and how to work with them the game was a lot smoother. This title provides a difficulty curve for campaigns that range from newcomer level to just pure survival. This will give players that are accustomed to these types of games a good experience as well as the newcomers looking to simply play.

The in-game music is another thing that can turn a game from epic to mundane. Many games I found the soundtrack, not to my liking. In most cases, this will be followed by lowering the music slider to zero to avoid it. I honestly hate doing this as this takes away from the games’ total experience. Fort Triumph has a whimsical theme that flows great with the theme of the game and provides hours of entertainment without boring one’s self to death.

My current gaming system had no issues playing this at full graphical intensity. Very little to no frame drops during the battles allowed for smooth playing experience. The controls were easy to figure out but are a bit different from others I have played. Most times you can navigate with nothing more than the mouse. With FT you need to also pay attention to your surroundings and change perspective using the keyboard to gain the upper hand. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was more verbal speech during cut scenes.

Fort Triumph is currently available on Steam.

This review was completed with a code provided by PR.

Overall, I had a great time playing Fort Triumph and will continue to play more and more in the future. I would highly recommend it to everyone either looking for an entry into the world of turn-based tactics, to even the most battle-worn veterans looking for the new title to sink their claws into.
  • Vibrant and whimsical graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Flexible maps
  • Great music
  • The learning curve can be spotty

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