Fortnite Back with Another Big Competitive Event


Epic Games has decided to surprise fans of competitive Fortnite and battle-royal with yet another warm installment in the competitive landscape. As a result, players will be able to pick their partners and head into the Winter Royale Duos 2019 tournament, which will come with the whopping $5 million in prize money.

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How It All Started

Fortnite started as a survival shooter game whereby players were fighting off waves of zombie-like enemies, but it has shifted its attention to a free-for-all battle royale game played across a gigantic, but constantly-shrinking map.

The game has been a raging success, dominating all charts and devices, from PC to Xbox, to PlayStation, to iPhone and Android. Even Nintendo Switch has a version for Fortnite and participation is soaring through the roof.

Millions are being made through the game and this is not a chance thing either. Fortnite has been an absolute blockbuster. In 2018, Epic Games announced the $100 million Fortnite World Cup, which struggled to find a proper format but eventually arrived at drawing millions of viewers.

Many famous personalities have been engaging with the game, to name Drake at the very least. Streamers have been followed by millions of fans from across the globe, to name Ninja, Tylor Blevins. And now, the competitive format is clearly back!

Fortnite 1

A Warm Tournament for the Chilly Season

Since the Fortnite World Cup wrapped up, fans have been speculative about the future of competitive Fortnite esports, but one thing is sure – the game is not going anywhere in the hurry and the December event is now a fact.

The event will be taking place on December 20 and players are all very welcome to sign up and try their hand at winning a big cash prize while playing a game they love. One of the most notable features of Epic Games tournaments is that almost all participants get some decent monetary prize.

In fact, Epic must be one of the few companies that make sure that everyone who makes the cut feels like the winner. Of course, there is a significant difference between the 1st place winner and the 100th, but this is done to reflect on the skill gap.

So far, Epic Games hasn’t released more details about the event, other than that it’s coming in 14 or so days. With this being said, there are still some things that need to be smoothed out.

While many duo players are already starting to train, some are already asking themselves if Epic Games won’t tinker with the game mechanics as it has been known to do on occasion. Epic Games sometimes releases last-minute patches which could completely throw the balance of the competition, leaving many more serious players dissatisfied.

Yet, Epic Games has been emphasizing on people having fun rather than turning Fortnite into a competitive game. All things considered, Fortnite is a gaming phenomenon unlike any other. The game never had to struggle for player base and things are looking up.

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