Holy crossover! Batman enters Fortnite

The bat signal is in the skies, folks. A new Batman crossover event has started in Fortnite that brings a number of themed items and activities to the popular battle royale game. The event is in celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary. It also coincides with Epic giving away the Arkham trilogy and all of the Batman LEGO games for free.

Gotham City has descended into Fortnite, a special zone that allows players to be the “hero to the citizens of the city”. Players can earn both a Batman cape and the power of Glider Redeploy for their efforts. In addition, the Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang are also up for grabs.

Players can also check out the in-game shop for some sweet cosmetics including the Caped Crusader Pack that features a Comic Book Outfit and the Dark Knight Movie Outfit. There are also a number of individual items themed around Catwoman.

From now through October 1st, players taking part in Challenges can earn items from the Welcome to Gotham City Challenge Bundle that includes the Catwing Glider., sprays, stickers, and more.

Check out the full Batman event patch notes on the Fortnite official site.

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