Fortnite Battle Royale – Ban Hammer Swings

Fortnite Battle Royale Ban Hammer

Epic Games has published a new blog post on the official Fortnite site. The developers strongly state that no one likes playing with cheaters and addressing that is the highest priority across Epic. The developers constantly work with the cheaters themselves as well as the cheat providers and explore every measure to ensure the cheating players stay away from Fortnite Battle Royale and the rest of the Epic’s titles. The team does not share its exact methodology, but thousands of cheating players have been reached by the ban hammer, and the company does not intend to stop at that.

The team urges players to use the provided means to report cheating players to make the game better for everyone.

Let’s be straight for a second, nobody likes playing with cheaters. Not you, not me. Nobody.

We play PvP games like Fortnite Battle Royale for their competitive integrity. That feeling of outshooting somebody in an intense standoff and snagging that Victory Royale! And then there are cheaters, the 360-spin instant headshot, we all know so well.

In the next several weeks the game will also receive account progression. Basically, you will be earning stuff as you play. In a way, it is also a tool in a war against cheaters as many would think twice if there is a progression to be lost with a ban hammer strike.

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