Fortnite China Server Launched It’s Open-Beta Test Today, Along With Several Ongoing Tempting Sales Compaigns

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Today is the first day of last Beta Test of Fortnite China server for next two-weeks publicity and exploration, more than 20 days after the limited test had been released as scheduled. Statistically, there were over 4 million players, including myself, has made an appointment for the game’ release and all of the appointments landed up with – early free accesses to the game and redeeming the in-game gift bag, including exclusive skins, V-bucks, gliders, emotes, valuing more than $200 as total. For those who have missed out the appointments with Wegame earlier, today is your last chance to savor the rewards and bonus from the honey tree. Here are the announcement and details about today’s open test of Fortnite China Server released by Tencent earlier this day:

“Dear Players of Fortnite China Server,

Fortnite China server is about to release the open-beta test on Aug,17th; players have to approach to our official website( to obtain the membership of test, download the game as well. Other ways to access the game including searching and downloading the game through Wegame and other platforms, are available and feasible as well.

This open test, where players are creating their new characters in, will grant Battle Pass into each new account after that, along with more-than-200-dollars over one hundred counts rewards. Battle Pass will be automatically sent into your personal Fortnite account on the next day without redeeming by yourself. The players who bought Battle Pass previously and were verified members of Fortnite Chinese Version would be rewarded with 950 V-bucks at the same time.

After this open test, Epic will repair Fortnite China Server inner charging syestem for players ASAP. Players won’t be able to utilize this function during the period, neither can they purchase Save The World mode. The Chinese Version players who bought the STW mode previously, are allowed to access the mode as usual. Stay tuned for the charging-available date through our official site.

Hoping Y’all enjoy the battle, get high till the end!”

To proceed the display of rewards details of this announcements. We have some screenshots taken from the official site to elaborate:

Battle Pass will be provided to each account for free. The rewards, including “Lantern” Track, “Lifeboat” Glider, “Drift” Skin,”Ragnarok” Skin, “Low Gear” Glider etc, will send to everyone in the game later

Once you successfully recruit one or several friends of yours into the game and get them to team up with you, you will be rewarded with two exclusive back blings as “Shield” and “Penguin” that sent by Tencent after your friends are game online for 10 hrs.

In the next two weeks, after your cumulative online time reaches to certain days, you will be rewarded with corresponding varying-amounts of Battle Pass Season XP, to help you level up and unlock hundreds of definitive inner game rewards in advance!

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