Fortnite – Rocket Launch Viewing Party Wiped Out In a Swoop

Fortnite - Rocket Launch

Yesterday, the sky was torn open in Fortnite – rocket launch blasted off into the distance in a spectacular show. Many players have laid aside their weapons of destruction and subdued their usual thirst for killing sprees and agreed to a temporary truce to watch the event unfold in peace from the huge cooperatively-built ramps.

But not all of them. Elemental_Ray was one of those people who gave in to the temptation and broke the ramp under the gathering, sending the dumbfounded spectators tumbling to their death. He has managed to kill 48 people in one swoop, earning himself a best-in-the-game single-round kill record.

Check out the video below for details!

The rocket launch begins around 3:50, while the player annihilation commences around 5:00.

The community opinions on the matter have been varied. Some believe the guy is a jerk that ruined others’ fun, while others claim he is a legend.

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