Fortnite Battle Royale Carts Out Its First Vehicle


Epic Games publishes the patch notes for the upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale v4.3 that introduces the game’s first vehicle. Whatever you were expecting, it surely were not shopping carts to race across the map in. You can ride it solo or have a friend push it around while you shoot enemies. Shopping Carts can be found scattered around the world. Beware, your trusty transport has fall damage.

It is not the only thing players can find in the update v4.3, though it’s amazing on its own. Check out below what the patch has in store for the game:

Battle Royale:
  • UI elements to reflect on the Challenge Progression (Battle Royale)
  • New foraged item: Mushrooms
  • Bug fixes related to jetpack fuel meter, traps and vending machines and much more
  • Limited Time Mode: Blitz! v2
  • Limited Time Mode: Teams of 20 V2
  • Performance enhancement
  • Streamer mode now anonymizes your name for other players.
  • The Self-Service Cosmetic Returns feature has been re-enabled.
  • A visual effect is now played whenever a player joins or leaves the party or changes their outfit on the pre-game lobby screen.
  • Replay System tweaks
  • Voice chat for the mobile version
Save the World:
  • Blockbuster Questline returns
  • New daily quests
  • Mythic Soldier Carbide has been added to the Blockbuster Event questline
  • A big number of bug fixes
  • Port-a-Fort is now available as a world drop.
  • PC (and cross-platform) Voice Chat support added to Save the World.
  • Global chat can now be disabled.

You can find the full text of the patch notes on the official site.

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