Fortnite Sold Over 500 Thousand Digital Copies

Fortnite 500 Thousand Copies Sold

Fortnite is a cooperative Sandbox Survival game from Epic Games for PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One. It had just entered the Early Access stage on July 25th and had already sold over 500 thousand copies.

Darren Sugg, Fortnite’s creative director, shared the number  via Twitter:

The portal PCGamesN reached out to the studio and found out that it was the number for the sale, and does not reflect the current state of things.

“This number is for full sales that happened before yesterday, so doesn’t actually reflect the full number of sales… or take into account retail!”

You can find our own Matt Keith’s impressions from the game here. Fortnite will be going F2P later in 2018.

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  1. A lot of gamers are curious about this new game especially since it’s made by Epic. If you want to see real gameplay verses a developer trailer for the game check this out

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