Forts of the Forgotten: A Sea of Thieves Adventure Shared Cinematic Trailer

The developers of pirate-themed experience Sea of Thieves shared a new cinematic trailer for the next Sea of Thieves Adventure titled Forts of the Forgotten. Sharpen your swords and prepare to lay siege to the Sea Forts – the denizens of Golden Sands Outpost need your help, before it’s too late!

The quintessential Sea of Thieves experience is known collectively as Adventure mode, where pirates can roam, discover, fight and loot in a shared pirate paradise! The Adventure is the place to find story-driven and encounter-led escapades, freely explore the world and rise through the ranks of the Trading Companies as you strive to become a Pirate Legend.

Undertake your daring rescue from March 24th to April 7th. The Sea Forts will remain in the game, but the Golden Sands rescue will no longer be available once the time is up.

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