Forza Motorsport Announced for Xbox Series X

Racecar fans will be thrilled to hear that Forza Motorsport has been announced for Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox Series X. The announcement was made by Turn 10 Studios during yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase. Developers of the series cite the power and speed as the driving force behind the decision to carry the series forward to next-gen consoles. “It provides us the opportunity to connect our players to the Forza universe and to one another like never before.” developers said.

The game is considered a reimagining of the series. “We are taking what has made it great over the past 15 years and pairing it with new game concepts and new technologies. You will see a dynamic world in 4K, 60fps that is connected and dynamic — from surfaces of cars reflecting off each other to brilliant red paint bouncing off intensely detailed track surfaces and the interplay of light and shadow throughout the world.”

The game will be available on Xbox Series X, Windows 10 PC, and Xbox Games Pass, though no specific information about when players might see it arrive remains unknown.

In addition to the above, Turn 10 Studios also announced that Forza Horizon 4 is being optimized for Xbox Series X and will bring players higher fidelity graphics and faster performance.

Check out the Forza Motorsport official site to learn more.

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