FPS Bright Memory is Now Out in Steam

FPS Bright Memory is Now Out in Steam

After a year in Early Access, lightning-fast FPS Bright Memory by FYQD-Studio has seen the full release! All Bright Memory owners will get Bright Memory: Infinite, the game currently in development, for free.

The protagonist of the game, a young woman named Shelia, is a member of the ultra-elite Supernatural Science Research Organization’s Emergency Inspection Team. During a mission, things go very wrong when she activates Quantum Transporter and moves everyone in the vicinity to the Floating Island – an airborne continent near the North Pole, undisturbed in its slumber for over 1000 years. It is soon discovered that the various beasts and corpses of those who once populated the island have been reanimated by the “Soul of Jiu Xuan” – a mysterious substance previously discovered in ancient relic swords – and they’re coming for Shelia…

Game Features:

  • Rack up points and enhance your various skills to freely create your own original combinations
  • Employing an FPS-style POV, discover and solve the various puzzles throughout each stage to advance
  • A mesmerizingly beautiful world combining science fiction and Chinese culture and created using Unreal Engine 4

Bright Memory: Infinite gameplay trailer has also been revealed. Check out the video below:

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