Freddy Krueger to Slash His Way Into Dead by Daylight


It almost sounds like a Christmas song. We have Jason and Leatherface and Michael and others….” But you all know who’s missing, right? No horror game is complete without Freddy Krueger. If you can sleep after today’s teaser video, you’re stronger than you know. Get ready for Freddy in Dead by Daylight!

Freddy Krueger

You’re probably already familiar with Mr. Krueger as the star of more than a few Nightmare on Elm Street movies. But why leave his slashing…I mean dashing…personality there? He’s ready to move into your gaming world too in the hopes of finally invading your dreams for good.

We don’t know much about Freddy yet other than that he is coming to Dead by Daylight in the near future. The DBD Gamepedia page refers to him as the Dream Master / The Sandman. Judging by the names, however, pretty much says it all. Don’t close your eyes.

We’ll keep you posted about the forthcoming DLC. In the meantime, you can visit the official Dead by Daylight page for more information.

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