Free For a Day Promotion Nets 1M Users for Mirage: Arcane Warfare


Last week, Torn Banner Studios offered the world a chance to grab Mirage: Arcane Warfare free. The catch was that the promotion only lasted a day BUT the game was yours forever. It seems that this strategy has paid off.

Free for a Day, Keep Forever – It WORKED!

Remember, this move was made because the team felt that the launch had not quite gone off as planned resulting in poor sales. As a result, the community suffered without enough players taking part.

However, sometimes taking a big risk pays off and it sure has for Torn Banner. Developers have written a pretty sweet post about the success of the give away. Thanks to the promotion, over a million copies of the game flew off the shelves. In the intervening days, the concurrent player numbers have settled at about 1,000 (at least as of the writing of the article).

To celebrate, TB is offering players who received the game for free a chance to show their “monetary love” by purchasing a $10 Special Edition upgrade that includes digital items such as the sound track, artwork, armor unlocks and more. In addition, those who may have missed out on the free give away can pick up the game for its new price of $10.

Devs also revealed plans for Patch 5 said to be coming out soon with new customer support for both official and private servers. There will also be four new game modes including:

  • Mirage Madness: All players move at 2x speed, but have only 15 hitpoints.
  • Jousting: Attack and try to poke the enemy before they poke you! All players have very slow attacks, 30 hp and 1.5x movement speed.
  • Tanky Taurant: One Taurant has 600 hp, all other players have 30 hp. Kill the Taurant to become… the Tanky Taurant!
  • Min and Max player count and class limits. Anyone want to try 24 player TDM, Alchemancers only? Maybe a little 1v1 action?

Check out the Mirage: Arcane Warfare site for more.

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