FREE Shin Megami Tensei Metroidvania Released by Atlus


You have to love Atlus these days. Not only are they leading the renaissance in JRPGs, but now they’re giving away free games! If you’d love a free Shin Megami Tensei, read on!

FREE Shin Megami Tensei Metroidvania

You can download and play this brand new retro-inspired game for PC. It’s technically called “Shin Megami Tensei Synchronicity Prologue” because…reasons. Developers teased it last week as a joke. Turns out the joke’s on us! This is the real deal.

The game brings us the series’ mascots, Jack Frost and Pyro Jack as they roll through a “non-linear side-scrolling jaunt” across several locations. It’s important to note, however, that the game is entirely in Japanese, though if that appeals to you on any level, this one’s for you.

The game is only available for a limited time, through December 24th, in fact, so consider it an early Christmas present. You can download it from the Atlus site. You can right click anywhere on the page if you’re using Chrome. Choose “Translate” and you’ll find the download link easier.


  1. DLing now. Thanks Suzie 😊.

  2. I’m tempted too!

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