Friday the 13th – Future DLC is indefinitely Cancelled

Fans of the horror-themed multiplayer title Friday the 13th The Game will be sad to hear that future DLC for the game has been put on indefinite hold due to a lawsuit against the franchise as a whole. This news will come as a big disappointment to fans of the title as several new play modes, cosmetic items, new emotes and counselors were already in the works.

The basic issue revolves around Victor Miller, the original scriptwriter of the franchise, claiming that he was not employed when penning the first script. If this is the case it essentially means that he can fight to terminate the existing rights to the franchise and reclaim ownership of the property. As such any future movies/games would not be able to be made without is approval.

As the lawsuit is ongoing, it essentially puts developers Gun Media and IllFonic in a very awkward position. They cannot legally move forward with development plans until the lawsuit is sorted. Even then it is completely dependent on the outcome of the lawsuit. This definitely comes as a blow for the company and for fans of the franchise.   For the full new post jump over to the official site or check out the latest news on Friday the 13th right here

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