Friday the 13th: The Game – Unreal Engine Upgrade Update


Fans of the game might remember back in October the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game decided it would be upgrading the game to the latest Unreal Engine version.  Well yesterday we got some more details from a post they created on the official forums.

Upgrading to the latest version of Unreal Engine allows the developers to address several problems negatively impacting the game from performance to fixing bugs.  Yet it’s not so simple as just clicking an update button.  This is a massive undertaking, and as such the entire team will be focused on the upgrade.  This means there will be no further patches or game updates until it is finished.

What’s this mean for the players?  Well several things really.  You will get better performance across all platforms, but in particular the capability of dedicated servers on the consoles.  This has been a rocky issue with the game thus far, lots of connectivity issues and poor performance on consoles.  There will also be improvements on Physics, and fixes for vehicles and ragdolls.  The latest version of Unreal Engine also allows the developers to resolve issues that have haunted the game since launch because there simply was no fix.

They made it clear that while the migration to the new Unreal Engine version will pave the way to dedicated servers, they will not be released with this upgrade.  Taking one step at a time, the team will be focusing on the upgrade first, then other issues afterwards.  Meaning you will receive dedicated servers, eventually.

So while some may not like not receiving regular updates for the game, this upgrade has the potential to breathe fresh life into the game for a lot of players.  From bug fixes and performance increases on consoles alone, this is well worth the time and effort!

Currently there is no scheduled ETA for this patch to go live.  They have stated that they hope to have it earliest, sometime in April.  Stay tuned to the official channels and for any updates in the future!

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