Funcom’s The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends, a shared world RPG this year

All the creepy goodness, with improved combat and features.

We. Cannot. Wait. The Secret World is one of the MMO genre’s most underrated gems. Partly because it’s not a fantasy game or based on a huge IP, but also because it’s fairly hard to get into due to its large learning curve. Funcom knows this, and is addressing it with a brand new version of the game separate from the “old” The Secret World”. Funcom’s The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends.

Launching later this year, Secret World Legends is still an “MMO”, but Funcom is calling it a shared world RPG. It’ll be F2P, players who’ve already paid for everything from TSW can carry over their accounts to Legends. But they’ll have to start over with new characters as progression, combat, questing, and more have changed drastically., our sister site, has more detail.

Stay tuned to GameSpace for more info as we receive it.


  1. Right that’s me in. I’m one of those gamers that never got into TSW at launch and always regretted it. This is a perfect place for me to start

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