Fuser Drops A Free Demo And Future Roadmap

fuser drops a free demo

Fuser, the newest musical adventure from Harmonix and NCSoft, just dropped a free demo on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC formats as well as revealing what’s coming for aspiring DJs.

It’s not looking promising for many of those summer gigs we booked last year. Thankfully Fuser is set to bring a little of the festival spirit back into your front room as it unveiled a bunch of new information on future content updates as well as giving new DJs a glimpse of the set with a free playable demo. Available across Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms the new Fuser demo should give players an opportunity to sample a little of the early stage bound experience. You’ll be able to select our playlist from several well known songs, get a feel for the basics of mixing and try to make Smasmouth play alongside everything.


In addition to a free pass for the Fuser festival, players who own the full game look set to get some sizeable update going forward. The upcoming 1.3 update is ready to bring in a bunch of fixes and UI improvements, as well as several features which we’ve listed below.

  • Live Set Events – These new events add a competitive flair to the recurring in-game events. Live Sets will present a challenge to all FUSER DJs, including leaderboards and prizes for reaching score tiers.
  • Customizing Freestyle Co-Op – Players will now be able to adjust the number of rounds and the length of rounds for public Co-Op Freestyle sessions.
  • Hot Clips – Hot Clips allows playes to get a sample of any disc before dropping it onto their decks, almost adding an extra loop to their creations.
  • Finding the Right Mix – The update makes it easier to browse mixes players have liked through their profiles, as well as new sorting functions, including alphabetical, most liked/viewed, and date created.
  • Share with the World – This update adds several optimizations for sharing and streaming. Players can now share video from anywhere in the game using native console share functions, and DJs can now toggle an option to select only monetizable songs for streaming.

Alongside the 1.3 updates, DJs will get more than 15 new tracks coming as paid DLC. Artists from BLACKPINK to David Guetta appear this time around, with more to come at later dates. With so much lined u, we’d consider check out the official website for the full run down on this update or just jump over and check out our review before downloading the demo.

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