Fuser Lights Up The Diamond Stage

Fuser, the audio extravaganza from Harmonix and NCSoft, just launched a dazzling new update and unveiled the Diamond Stage.

Fans of Fuser might love playing the Decks and impressing their fans with across Fuser’s social channels or even out on the game’s multiplayer sessions, but NCSoft and Harmonix seem to have decided that this wasn’t a big enough stage for the DJ in you. Today Fuser gets its biggest ever update, and a brand new headline act, if you’re feeling up to it.

The Fuser Diamond stage is now live, for all owners of Fuser. The newest add on to this virtual festival is a brand new headline stage, allowing players the chance to play to 250+ friends and fans in real time. What’s more, the entire world can follow your exploits as your drive the Vengabus onto Twitch. Players picking up the challenge and booking a slot on the in game headline stage may even find themselves streaming over on Twitch. Starting this week, viewers can watch the Diamond Stage 24/7 both in-game and in a new Fuser Headliner Twitch channel.

Book Your Slot

We got a rundown of today’s update and anybody looking to make it big will need to book their slot using a brand new in game currency. Alongside a huge rework of the in game economy, players will also see Diamonds make their way into your wallet. Diamonds can be earned in-game and drop from a number of activities. Participating in events either through playing or voting, and through the single-player campaign, freestyle, and multiplayer modes will bag these, allowing you to jump on stage. That’s not the only way to dispose of Diamonds either. Today’s update introduces a Diamond Shop, giving players more options to earn and spend in-game currency on customizable items for their DJ and even new tracks to mix onstage.

For those who are more inclined to watch their friends, Twitch Drops are now fully integrated into the game, including Nintendo Switch players. Now there are even ways to earn content by watching other DJs perform on Twitch.

fuser guest slots

Alongside all the shiniest of rewards, Fuser has also received upgrades to its social interface with improvements to player DJ Profiles, as well as a more robust Recommendation Engine for players to find mixes that appeal to them. While you can check out the trailer above for the new update, we’d advise the best place to preview the new updates is the Fuser Headliner Twitch Channel as the community take the new updates for a spin in front of the world. For the next week, you can catch a bunch of guest sessions as inspiration for your own sets. Check out more over on the official Fuser website or grab Fuser on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch now.

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