Futures Rewritten, Begins Today in Final Fantasy XIV Online: Patch 5.4

Prepare for Futures Rewritten, as players of Final Fantasy XIV Online can jump into game today and take on a new adventure with the 5.4 patch.

Shadowbringers prepare, as the latest patch to Square Enix’s hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online lands today. The latest update to the hugely successful adventure today brings fans of the franchise a chance to forge their own path and face an uncertain future. The 5.4 patch includes a whole new main quest line that finds the aforementioned Scions loop back to the Source, now that the fate of the First is secure, and face their uncertain fate.

Beyond the new story quest, Futures Rewritten also marks the continuation of the Eden raid series. A brand new Eden’s Promise raid dungeon enters the fray, allowing players ready to test their mettle to take on an eight-player encounter that is sure to impress. Featuring a new boss designed by Kingdom Hearts director and Final Fantasy series veteran, Tetsuya Nomur, the Eden’s Promise raid continues the story of Ryne and her mysterious counterpart Gaia, while providing an encounters all the way up to a savage level of difficulty.

That’s just the top line of this huge update, however. There are more story update as players continue to thwart the Empire’s warmachina development, a new dungeon titled Matoya’s Relict, additional Trials, fishing update, Triple Triad changes, crafting enhancements, and even an entirely new play mode. The new Explorer Mode will allow players to take screenshots as they traverse Shadowbringers dungeons, without the danger of enemies. Players can also summon mounts and minions within dungeons using this mode to further enhance their screenshots.

Frankly cramming all the new shiny information into one news post isn’t going to happen so head over to the official Futures Rewritten update page on the Final Fantasy XIV Online website and check out everything Patch 5.4 has to offer.

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