G.I. Joe: War on Cobra Getting Started Tips For Attacking

War on Cobra Getting Started Tips

G.I Joe: War on Cobra just launched an assault on mobile devices, but do you know how to win? Here’s our getting started guide.

If you’ve picked up G.I. Joe: War on Cobra and grabbed a free Joe from our giveaway you’re going to need to know how to use that extra firepower. The new base battling strategy title that brings the classic Joe and Cobra characters to your small screen pushes players into combat scenarios that will see you attacking or defending bases as you cross land and sea.

Pick a side, follow us and check out our tips to conquering an enemy base with these G.I. Joe: War on Cobra getting started tips

Call in The Tanks!

When attacking bases, you’re going to want to have something to soak up all the incoming damage and, of course, that means tanks. The Joe’s have plenty of heavily armored personnel but you probably want to pick a leader like Roadblock in your field squad. Roadblock also brings defensive support to the table with his leader skill Culinary Expert, allowing this particular leader to heal and buff allied troops while you leave the rest of the work to supporting troops.

Keep a Balanced Squad

baroness War on Cobra Getting Started Tips

While tanks set the tempo by leading the way, you’ll need to stack up some other options to back you up. Other units, such as Baroness or the Steel Battalion, can add extra DPS or single target damage to your squad. Other options will also allow you to take control of enemy installations and generally cause chaos when entering a base. Don’t waste your tank’s protection and use your other units to blast through the fortress in front of you.


Always at the ready, Doc plays a key role in keeping your team alive.Keep her behind your army and she will provide a steady stream of healing so your army can take any beating the opponent throws your way. Rank up your Doc to gain more powerful healing that can bounce to multiple units and recover your troop health even faster.

Pick Your Battles!

team battle War on Cobra Getting Started Tips

Take out the most dangerous buildings as soon as possible. Artillery, Rocket Salvos, and Sea Lasers are all particularly nasty threats to attackers when left untouched. If you happen to bring airborne attackers then you’ll also need to take a close look at missile turrets. All of these can be quickly dispatched if you have a keen eye and they are not well defended. In order to take them down quickly, you can utilize a well placed Command Card or Lead Command to decimate the most imposing base bound threats.

Command Cards?

Command Cards are particular special abilities that allow you a leg up in battle. The goal of the defending party is to make life as difficult as possible for you. Command Cards can simply prevent them from operating if used wisely. Drop an EMP Blast into a cluster of buildings to disable them temporarily while you destroy them, or launch a Smoke Bombardment and move your army into the area to hide them in a cloud of smoke while you dismantle your opponent’s defenses. These area of effect Command Cards can completely change the outcome of battle when used effectively.

Lead Wisely

Roadblock might seem like the sensible choice to take into battle but other leaders have their own abilities too. Scarlett can temporarily take control of an opponent’s turret so it turns and fires on its own base. If you are all out of Command Cards then this could be crucial to getting past an enemy’s defenses. Duke can call down air support to heal and increase the damage of your army, while Snake Eyes can call on his wolf, Timber, to damage and stun buildings. Each of these leaders brings a different style of gameplay. Use their abilities to support the type of troops you have on hand.

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra is out now on iOS and Android devices. You can grab free re-enforcements by checking out the giveaway on Gamespace and we hope the G.I. Joe: War on Cobra getting started tips guide has helped you get started in PvP because knowing is half the battle.

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