Galactic Junk League Free Open Beta Code Giveaway!

Galactic Junk League Free Open Beta Code Giveaway

We’ve partnered with the Galactic Junk League dev team to bring you all 100 free codes for their current Open Beta as the multiplayer ship-building and skill-based shooter heads closer to launch later this year. They’re celebrating the launch of the Cyberpunk update, and want to share that excitement with you all! All you need to do is register in the Gleam.IO giveaway below, and cross your fingers. It’s out Galactic Junk League Free Open Beta Code Giveaway – details about what’s inside down below…

What is Galactic Junk League?

“Galactic Junk League is a free-to-play multiplayer game that brings you a unique mix of tactical spaceship building and skill-based multiplayer shooter. Combine superior technology with forgotten galactic junk to build anything that moves and shoots in this Crafter Arena- from agile frigates to lumbering battleships and destroy opponents in various galactic arenas. Galactic Junk League is currently in development and open beta, and was launched on Steam Early Access on 17th January 2017.”
The contents of the codes:
– Cyberpunk ship + 3 cyberpunk building blocks
– Pilot License for 3 days
– 5x Space Whisky
– 300 Space Credits

To redeem the code, you first have to download the game for free on Steam. Afterward, log into game and press ESC, click on ‘Redeem Code’, enter the code and you’re ready for business!

You can find all detail about the Cyberpunk update here, the Cyberpunk trailer here and further info as well as additional assets in our press room.

Galactic Junk League Free Code Giveaway!

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