GALAK-Z Variant Mobile to Continue Fast Pace of GALAK-Z: The Dimensional


17-Bit has made an announcement sure to please fans of GALAK-Z: The Dimensional. A new game called GALAK-Z Variant Mobile is ready to keep up the original’s fast action.

GALAK-Z Variant Mobile

To get things started, the game has already “soft-launched” in the Philippines. It is definitely coming to the west once some of the bugs are worked out.

Players will battle space pirates, giant bugs as well as evil Imperial soldiers. This is done in one of two ways, either by shooting cannons from the safety of a space ship or by using a laser sword as part of a Mech unit. In addition, players will collect materials all over the galaxy to improve their ships and weapons.

  • Shoot! Blast enemies away with your spaceship’s rapid-fire laser cannon.
  • Slice! Carve up foes with your Mech’s radical laser sword.
  • Upgrade! Enhance your craft with new weapons, armor, and helpful Droid buddies.
  • Collect! Create squads of friendly Droids to battle against other players and earn special rewards.

You can learn more at the links above.

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