Game Master Mode Brings Tabletop Goodness to Divinity: Original Sin 2

Game Master Mode

Larian Studios has finally released the first information about Game Master Mode for Divinity: Original Sin. Using GMM, players will be able to bring the tabletop game experience to digital space.

Game Master Mode Features

With GMM, players can create their own custom games by using combat and roleplay systems.

Other features you can expect include:

  • four players and a Game Master
  • focus on story
  • GMs have total control
  • choose from pre-made maps or upload your own
  • use pre-built settings or build your own
  • create your own character models or use pre-rendered ones
  • “vignette” system lets players choose text “cards” with dialogue and decisions
  • dice-based skills
  • GMs can control NPCs in battle or let the AI
  • campaigns can be uploaded to Steam Workshop to share with others

You can see all of this in action later today when Larian hosts a special live stream at 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern.

This, my friends, is the ultimate power trip. In Game Master Mode, you can write stories, create NPCs (both heroic friends and fiendish enemies), build your own customisable items and treasure, craft the scenes in which your tale will play out, and much, much more as you lead your friends through the ultimate role-playing adventure.

Will you be a kind and benevolent god, or will you cover every available surface in harsh, unforgiving flame? It’s entirely your choice, as up to four players put their fates in your hands and start off on an adventure through your collective imaginations.

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