Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Preview

Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Preview

Game of Thrones is about to go Beyond The Wall as publisher Behaviour Entertainment gets ready to unleash winter on Android and iOS. Gamespace got a glimpse of the oncoming storm just last week with a Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Preview.

Out later today across the globe, and already available in the US, this battle for the North is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. At first glance Game of Thornes: Beyond The Wall is a mobile title that seems to be built entirely for fans of the HBO show. While the war for Westeros is already over on television screens, Beyond the Wall is not entirely tied to the serialized exploits of John Snow. Set decades before George R R Martin’s books set off a war of kings, the newest entry in this particular franchise puts players at the heart of the Night’s Watch.

game of thronws beyond the wall preview turn combat

Playing as the newest Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and all round seasoned warrior, gamers getting into Beyond The Wall will find a world that is both familiar and new. Before the Night King attacked again, the Wall and beyond was riddled with other adventures, trials, and terrors. After the last Lord Commander of the Watch vanishes, it is up to players to build an army, defend the Wall, and delve into the mystery of the Blood Raven. Briefly mentioned in the TV series, Brynden Rivers, is an enigmatic figure of Legend and part of the central story arc that ties Beyond The Wall into the wider Game of Thrones World. As players venture out into the wild they can expect to find trolls, wildlings, giants, and more forces facing the watch as they venture out to find the reason that the last Lord Commander disappeared.

Catch em Wall

In order to face the game ahead, Beyond The Wall allows players to build an army from a huge range of troops and heroes. Like any good collectible deck builder, the forces behind the wall vary in type and power. From ranged bow wielders to more traditional broadswords and even calvary, there are plenty of troop types to switch up gameplay during encounters in the North. Of course, each of these warriors can be upgraded and earn XP during their time in the Night’s Watch, allowing them to gain levels and power as battles get increasingly challenging.

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While this initially sounds like the blurb form a fairly typical mobile RPG, Beyond the Wall distinguishes itself from other more mediocre fare thanks to the power of the Greensight. Not only can players put together squads of more mundane troops but peer through the mists of time. Thanks to the powers of the Sight and the Wierwood Trees fans of the long-running TV Show might recognize some of the more powerful heroes available. Characters like Jon Snow, Daenerys I Targaryen, and Jamie Lannister are some of the major features in a title that is clearly built to appeal to fans of the franchise.

Wildlings Attack

As heroes of Westeros face incoming wildling attacks or send out search parties, they will undoubtedly face a fight for their lives. Anybody that has trudged through the likes of The Banner Saga will feel quite familiar with the combat scenarios that unfold. Across a range of encounters, Lord Commanders send squads out to do battle in a grid-based system that focuses on turn-based combat. Each band of warriors is able to traverse and attack enemies using their own set of abilities, even using obstacles to their advantage.

These most notable characters and their skills can be unlocked by playing through a unique PvE game mode. Legendary Events are open for gamers to participate in. By channeling the power of the Greensight and the Wierwood trees, players can look through time and gain the aid of the realm’s mightiest heroes. While deploying these new additions to the ranks is crucial, this is not the only action that the Night’s Watch will see. Beyond the story campaign, PvP encounters allow each player to pit their best squad against each other, while large scale competitive PvE boss challenges make for an interesting twist on the competitive side of things. We didn’t even get a chance to try out Ranging, which is essentially a series of wave-based battles with a ton of loot on offer.

What is most impressive about this game isn’t necessarily that it manages to put together a game that would have looked at home on a console when The Banner Saga first launched, or event that it attempts to provide a solid range of encounters, not all of which I’ve even described. The enthusiasm for Game of Thrones is what makes the clearest mark on Beyond the Wall. The narrative campaign was crafted with the help of HBO and seems to be fleshed out in a way that requires the dedication of fans. While we haven’t had a lot of time to get far out into the wilderness, Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall looks like a title that should keep us looking up for dragons. Beyond the Wall is out worldwide today for iOS and Android.


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  1. I have wanted to try it for a long time, I hope that all my expectations will be confirmed

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