Games of Glory Open Beta Launches – Battle for Galactic Power

Games of Glory open beta

Lightbulb Crew is opening the doors today on the Games of Glory open beta.  It is a true cross-platform title that is free for PlayStation 4 and Steam for PC.

Games of Glory is a fast-paced multiplayer game, with a top-down view specially designed for action. Jump right in the fight, work with your teammates, and become an intergalactic star! This twin-stick shooter combines unique characters and their kits with a free-aiming shooter-grade weapons system, to deliver an all new type of high-speed action arena game.

During the Games of Glory open beta, you lay the smack down

This is no game for weaklings and everyone is invited to put the beat down on opponents. It is a truly competitive title that includes five classes with fifteen warriors including Tank, Support, Carry, Assassin & Scout, as well as over fifty weapons.

Weapons are highly customizable through the ability to upgrade them over time. This adds a completely new dynamic to any character. Players can further customize their experience with cool skins with the opportunity to change their color and by creating or importing logos.

Battle modes feature:

  • 4v4 with capture and control points alongside destroying the opponent’s base
  • 3v3 with a Star player on each team that is the target

You can learn more about GoG by visiting the official site. Get started today!

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