Gamescom 2018 11-11 : Developer Interview

11-11 Developer Interview from Gamescom 2018
A Different Type of War Story

All too often, the video game industry frames war as a background for first-person heroics. The unrelenting horrors that occur on the battlefield are regularly turned into an amalgamation of pasteurized events that cream off any unpalatable situations and leaves little lasting impact on the player. Ever since we posted news of 11-11 I’ve been intrigued by its premise because 11-11 is not that sort of game, not by a long shot.

11-11: Memories Retold is a narrative tale that spans the end of the world’s first great war. It follows two protagonists, from either side of the trenches, as they follow their own path through the conflict’s final days. It endeavors to uncover the reality of war, as two men battle with their own humanity, and strive to make it back to their loved ones.

As you browse Bandai Namco’s portfolio of games, this title stands apart. Blistering anime adaptations, Dragon Balls, and online beat em ups are a distinct world away from the beautiful horror that is described in this title. With the centenary of the worlds first great war almost upon us, we took a moment to talk t the minds behind 11-11, not your ordinary video game.

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