Gamespace Weekly 23rd march

Gamespace Weekly 23 March is a chance to look back at the highlights from last week at Gamespace and it’s here now.

While I’ve been busy staring at the same four walls for the last week, the rest of the world has been busy blasting its way through hell and welcoming the new neighbors. Whether you got lost in a new Animal Crossing or simply took a deeper dive than expected into the Playstation 5 specifications, Gamespace Weekly is here to catch you up on the week gone by.

Check out last week’s gaming news, from the new PlayStation 5 specs to a grand old MMO grabbing a drink, or at least it’s old enough to now. We’ve got plenty of reviews and I can’t wait to go clackity clack on the Hyper X Alloy keyboards that featured on our front page.

There’s plenty more from last week in gaming in Gamespace Weekly for the week of 23rd March.


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