Gamigo Announces Atlas Rogues Early Access On 18 November

Remember Atlas Reactor? Well, the team at Gamigo has just pulled a Respawn and announced a new game based in the Atlas Universe that will hit Early Access in November. Get set for Atlas Rogues.

Bounding back after Atlas Reactor sadly shut down in 2019, Atlas Rogues is a brand new Rogue-lite experience set in the dynamic Atlas universe. Just like the original Atlas Reactor, players jumping into Atlas Rogues can pick a skilled and unique freelancer to throw down in some seriously explosive turn based combat throughout Altas City. Playing as a brave Freelancer, gamers jumping into this new action-packed adventure can recruit a team from an ever-growing roster of fierce characters to recover Reactor keys from the evil Trusts and save the city from a somewhat nuclear meltdown.

New Adventures

Delving into a narrative campaign, each Freelancer looks set to bring their own set of mechanics to a diverse game world, full of single player and co-op multiplayer action. This time around you’ll be able to meet some dynamic PvE challenges head on with the help of your friends with the addition of co-op campaigns. So, grab a friend or three as your team of four quirky characters do battle in the latest entry in the Atlas universe.

While Trion World’s Atlas Reactor didn’t make it into a long term prospect for Gamigo, Atlas Rogues is crafted out from a prototype idea that was in its early stages since the original Atlas Reactor. While we’ve yet to see much of Atlas Rogues, the new narrative approach, a lighter more character driven focus, and a range of new rogue like co-op missions might make this more of a Borderlands like success than the previous Atlas entry. Check out the official trailer above for a glimpse fo the game and head over to the official Atlas Rogues website to find out more before Atlas Rogues goes into Early Access on PC on 18 November.

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