Gaming Releases to Look Forward to This Month

New Video Games January 2022

Gaming is always a moving relationship that avid enthusiasts need to keep up with. The constant evolution of gaming quality via new releases makes gaming an invested journey, where one must truly find what fulfills their entertainment. Within this list, we have exclusively listed some of the latest releases projected for the next month. So, make sure to read through the narrative summaries and make your decisions on whether or not you wish to invest in further research surrounding the titles in question.

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Beyond A Steel Sky

Within this game, you play a character named Robert Foster. The aim of the game is to investigate the case of events surrounding a child abduction and a brutal series of attacks. You vow to bring the abducted back home to their family, and for that reason, you follow the trail out to Union City, where this mega-city is fully taken over and shattered by war and crime. The city having a political meltdown does not help in succeeding within your quest, meaning you are left to your own defences and must fight against utopic control that the city is unknowingly under.

The dark undertones of this city add further mystery into your quest, and you begin to question everything that the ‘perfect AI’ lifestyle is trying to portray. The life of control and futuristic apocalyptic tale brings you to one conclusion: a devastating truth must be known. Playstation’s release of this game is strictly for PS5 owners and has already been released on December 14th.

Final Fantasy Endwalker

Final Fantasy Endwalker

Final Fantasy’s latest release brings to fans an expansion pack that takes your gaming online via PS5. You will travel the furthest reaches of Hydaelyn and explore the story of Zodiark. The adventure will endure many climbs and foes- the calamity faced is more extensive than any other of the Final Fantasy series to date. So, if you want to explore the stories of Zodiark and Hydaelyn further, you can exclusively play it from now!

Terminator Resistance: Annihilation Line

This game is probably on many Christmases lists this year, and too right it should be. Taking off in the middle of the main story and game campaign, the Resistance has just defeated the first infiltration, however, there is no rest for the wicked. John Connor has sent orders to the Resistance, and Jacob Rivers must assist through on investigating the outpost of Northbridge which has gone off the records and remains numbingly cold from any contact. Together with a small force, Jacob heads his way over there with anticipation that the community has been taken over by Skynet. There is only one question that remains. Are there still any civilians left alive, or has yet another small community in the post-apocalyptic war been lost? The land beyond the Annihilation Line holds further answers to the survival of mankind.

White Shadows

White Shadows is a tale of yet another dystopian land-based way ahead into the future. This game, set in a brutal time, sees a little Raven Girl try and escape the dictating regime that has been enforced on her and so many. Pushed to the brink of existence, she will discover a civilization built on the foundations of violence, tyranny, and oppression. Trying to understand more of the hierarchy at play, she moves forward to discover even darker tales than she ever imagined being at play and at the heart of all corruption itself.

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