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Today we turn our attention back towards the battle royal side of the gaming industry with Apex Legends. This is a game that launched to a huge following, overtaking even the likes of Fortnite, at least for a little while. Even with its slowdown in activity, it is still one of the games that a lot of people, including yours truly, enjoys playing. One of the more successful games that has come out from EA, and it wasn’t poked and prodded by the proverbial bear.

Season one recently finished up and they had been running an in-between season competition with new skins and the chance to queue up with the best players in Apex Legends. If you reached top five in a match then you were automatically queued up for Apex Elite. This was the place where you would go up against the other top five players to see who the best is. While some teams made it through just fine, it seemed like my team was always made up of players who didn’t want to strategize, and that ended up getting us killed moments after landing.  While this queue wasn’t ideal for some people it was still fun.

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There were skins that were given up for achieving certain goals during this time period as well. The skins were for Bloodhound, a sniper rifle, and other goodies. The missions consisted of getting a top five in a match a certain amount of times or getting kills, and other mostly easy to achieve goals. The only goal I was unable to achieve was the one about reaching top five in the Apex Elite match because as I said before, I could never get a team that went past round one in a match. It was a small thing to add to the game in between seasons, but I feel that it was a pretty good way to fill the gap on the carryover.

The flow of the game has always been a fast-paced one and that hasn’t slowed down moving into season 2. This season we will see a new legend named Wattson joining the team, a new weapon the L-Star, and an improved battle pass. This season we will see changes to the map as some buildings are toppled, others have been added, and oh yea, the Leviathans are now walking across the map adding extra difficulty to your gameplay. This is a move that makes it feel like they took a page out of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies, the Origins map to be more precise. The giant robots stomp across the map as you try to avoid them. The same will be said about the Leviathans in Apex Legends. Watch where they step so that you can avoid getting pulverized.

Aside from the new map changes, there will also be additions in the way of airdrop emotes, new and updated weapons, and more skins that can be unlocked for your players to use. These additions and all of the other things that have been added so far are things that make me want to pick up the game and play it some more. I personally feel these updates will bring people back into the game to try out everything that is new. The biggest thing that I will be excited about is the environment interacting with the games. Avoiding the big walking leather sacks should be fun.

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